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Post Office Wants To Raise Postage Again

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  • Post Office Wants To Raise Postage Again

    The U.S. Postal Service is hoping it can soon raise stamp prices by a penny or more.
    The postal service on Wednesday reported a quarterly loss of $562 million, despite growth in package delivery, due to continued erosion in the use of first-class mail as well as expensive mandates for its retiree health care obligations. It also attributed losses to a forced reduction in stamp prices last year."
    People didn't like the inconvenience of having to buy those "make-up" stamps for one or two cents after each [frequent] increase. I don't think the average person has a lifetime supply of forever stamps so I don't think the P O has really lost much on those. People will buy new forever stamps at the new price because they don't have a huge stash of previous forever stamps.

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