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    looking to buy a blue wave I've seen, just done a check on it and its come back on the check as a silver car, did they do the blue wave in silver or is the car I'm looking at not a real blue wave. The car is blue all the blue wave/brabus extras but log book says silver, should i stay away ?
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    Smarts are registered by the colour of the Tridion, which will be either black or silver. My 450 city-coupe has yellow panels but is registered as silver because of the tridion colour.
    ​If you want to check what colour panels the car came with check the sticker under the carpet by the engine lid.


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      Cheers Mr T, done more checks and your right


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        Probably worth you reading this page as there's a lot of talk on the dedicated Roadster owners site about Bluewave's currently:

        Also, have you read the buyers guide yet?


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