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  • Help please - watermark

    I learned to drive in my smart fortwo and couldn't find a way to display my L plates so ended up sticking two sides down with tape. Now I have passed and the L plate on my bonnet has left a nasty watermark behind. Can anyone please offer advice on how to remove the watermark as nothing I have tried so far is shifting it.
    Many thanks.

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    What have you used so far?


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      Hi mac, I have used an unbranded wash and wax, my son tried a couple of things (knowing him, they would be top quality polish and waxes) Don't cringe but I 'You Tubed' and tried a spot test of 50/50 distilled vinegar and water and rinsed it off immediately. A friend used mentholated spirit which was also rinsed off straight after. And of course, good old elbow grease while washing it. My son has suggested trying Meguiars #105 but it is a tad expensive if it doesn't work.


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        Does running your hand over the watermaked area feel rough? If it does, then I would think what you are seeing is the glue remenants but if it is smooth, then it might be something in the glue that has reacted with the lacquer causing it to discolour. In that case, whilst I know you've tried waxing and polishing, I wonder if a cut and polish might be a better course of action but I don't know if the plastic panels will take it.


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