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  • Recalls

    Is there an official website where I can check if my Fortwo 451 has had the recalls done?
    Tried local Smart dealer but get "I'll get someone to ring you back".

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    Hey there, welcome back!

    I think the DVSA do have a site for checking if a car has had any recalls for it as part of the "Check MOT" function ( - I seem to recall it was listed at the bottom of the page.


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      Hi there, how are you doing, same Smartcar?
      Tried that site and they do not hold any info for my car.
      Read some posts that the 451 Mhd's were recalled around 2015 for the mhd V belt upgrade. Also a recall for some heater shut off valve.
      Just trying to find out if my car was in those recalls.


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        Contacted Marshall of Bolton and no outstanding recalls on my car. The only record they have is the control box had a software update.


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          I have been very lucky as any information I've asked for prior to my ownership the dealership has been happy to relay to me, even though the dealership in Stockton on Tees were the original one to register the car as a demonstration model, I bought it from the Bristol dealership, they always get back to me either whilst I'm there or within an hour of asking


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