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Old Brabus vs new?

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  • Old Brabus vs new?

    Hi all
    Its been a long time since Iíve posted after selling my Brabus coupe back in 2015 I hope you are all well?
    Im thinking not just yet of getting another Brabus may be a coupe but more likely to be a Fortwo the big question is old shape or new shape?
    Ive done a bit of reading and was surprised to find the newer ones have less bhp but are they better in other ways? The older ones will have the same mappable engine mine had😁 and are a lot cheaper.
    As I said it wonít be for a few months yet but it will be used as my main car and towed behind our motorhome. I like nippy, fun cars so tell me what the difference is between the two and which is best.

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    Jake, our Brabus 450 is old (2007) but if I were to compare the remap on our also 698cc for two (older, same sort of mileage on the odometer) that is standard in all other respects, maybe sticking forge silicone pipes on etc brings it closer to brabus but without the paddle shift (so to speak) & the badge, ..its nippy enough for sensible use (we don't race them on the roads just have the power the for overtaking & short "blips" on the country roads round where we are, ...go look at fudgesmart / speak to the horses mouth for his perspective and options.

    Admittedly the Brabus is done up to the eyeballs (previous owner) but both are fun, our 450 is a lot of fun (bar high summer air con). all i've done is a Tolsen recommended (finer) air filter change to help out & of course sound deadening over the engine bay.

    The 451 is I guess what you are looking at though with its more modern acoutrements? (& still mapped easily)

    453 is quite a chonky wee devil compared to earlier models (but luxuriate in that up to date cockpit eh)? ..I guess its down to spend, likely annual mileage (as a justifier) & restraint to your perspective by the other half? ..we really appreciate being able to creep between the gap in speed bumps, can the 453 do that?

    stop tempting me.


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