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Hello.. or should I say "goedenavond van Amsterdam"

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  • Hello.. or should I say "goedenavond van Amsterdam"

    (Good evening from amsterdam)

    I am English but work over here in the Netherlands, I have recently bought a a Silver Fortwo Passion Cabriolet. This site is very informative and seems to be full of characters :teeth: I hope you guys can help me with all my lame (not smart) questions :blackeye1 I love my smart but can't wait to get the low down on how make it go faster etc ..


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    Re: Hello.. or should I say "goedenavond van Amsterdam"

    Hello and to maniacs!

    There are a variety of things that you can do in order to enhance the performance of your car. One of the first things to address is the air intake side of things. This includes the air scoop, the air filter and the TIK. Have a search on here for discussion over the pro's and con's of what is available. When it comes to doing the job, many guides can be found here.

    You may want to address the intercooler pipes between the turbo and intercooler as well.

    You will notice some increase in performance one you have allowed more air to get into the turbo. The next stage would maybe to look at a remap. This is basically different software for the Engine Control Unit (ECU). There are a huge selection (in the UK unfortunately!) that can be tailored for your needs. So, there are some for low down torque, some for speed etc...

    However, a faster car will mean that you need to stop it faster! Therefore, addressing the brake pads and discs would be beneficial. You may also want to look at some wider wheels (especially for the front!) to keep the car on the road.

    Have a search on the forum. It is all here!




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      Re: Hello.. or should I say "goedenavond van Amsterdam"

      Thx for the pointers ..

      I have read a little about most of these things .. I would like to know if it is worthwhile getting the remap done without doing any other engine mods ..

      I would obviously look at ugrading the brakes and the amount of rubber in contact with the road aswell :teeth:

      Also if anyone knows of a company dint these mods in the netherlands or Germany that would be handy info.


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        hi guys i'm new here


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          You've posted your battery problem in the classified section where no one can reply. Repost in appropriate car section for answers.

          Meantime, usual checks - alternator charging?, current leakage?, etc.


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            It may well have be posted in the wrong section ...but ummm well I posted a reply there ?

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            Don't know how you can and I can't. Only options to me are 'flag' and 'like'. More Maniacs weirdness...

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          Goedemorgen uit Leeuwarden! (the Netherlands)

          Hi Chris,
          If you have serious problems with your smart.
          Go to Jos Kleinsman in Beverwijk, he is a smart-indy
          He also provides software tuning for a smart.


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