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  • Hello from Newport

    Hi guys;
    After years of driving mainly large and powerful cars, I'm now the proud owner of a 2011 smart ForTwo cdi Pulse.
    I've had the car since January and have enjoyed every mile I've covered in it.
    I cannot believe the fuel consumption of the little thing !
    It proved itself to me on a trip from South Wales to Central London where I was able to actually find a parking space, a space that drivers of other cars would simply drive past.
    No issues with motorway driving, a joy to nip in and out of London's rush hour traffic, and a smile on my face all the way.
    Absolutely love the thing and wish I had come to my senses and purchased one years ago.
    I've even given it a name, he's christened Charlie, due to his white colour.
    My wife thinks I am obsessed with Charlie, due to the fact that I constantly state the virtues of ownership to her !

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    Hey there, welcome to the forum!


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