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  • Hi to all

    First of all ,congrats to the admin for the well designed and informative website for Smart owners.!

    I am Fernando ,in Portugal, but spent most of my life in UK..Recently bought a 2001 Smart 0.6 Cabrio with 98,000 miles (157,000 kms) for my 18 year old son to replace his motorbike that was written off in a head on accident in which he suffered a plexus brachial injury to his left arm and therefore wont be riding bikes for a long time.
    The Smart being a semi auto box seemed to be a good choice and I got a good deal on it ,so it will be a car to keep and I will be "personalizing" it and making it a hobby for the "old man" too.

    Like I said ,its a cabrio ,think its on the 2nd engine but it sounds very smooth and after putting the "brabus" file on it (10% +) it now has a pratical 6th gear which before was useable only after 60 mph!II am going to replace suspension parts (think its still got the original shocks on ), the leaking turbo water pipe and other bits and pieces.

    The car came with cd changer but wasnt working (got surface error msg in Radio) ,so I took it out together with cds drawers (jesus ,,,it had had 12!) and made a aux cable to the cd din input,to connect to mobile.(Still got the front cd player working).
    After removing the cd drawers ,I made a centre console ,which is much more useful!

    Also sold the wheels/tyres that came with it and got some used wheels with tyres

    Leaving some photos of how I got it.

    Looking to forward to sharing and getting some help from all.
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    Welcome along to the addictive world of Smarts!
    Sounds like you have plenty of plans for the old jalopy, enjoy the fun.


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