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A refit of my 2002 mk5

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    Lol, nice painting there - loving the deep red. It is similar to the colour I want to paint the panels in next time around.

    Some people mount the cooler up front, I'm not a fan because of the long lines, with one as big as yours I doubt it would matter if it was out back some where, that way you have a reserved spot for your charge cooler radiator
    Hmm, good point. It was sold to me as a front mounted cooler but a rear installation may be a tidier installation. Need to see where to mount it though (may look at what S-Mann have done for theirs).
    After a slight wobble yesterday, with the sun shining, I decided to paint the brake drums. I had done this last year but it failed so spectacularly I decided to have another shot at it. I had painted them a brass colour along with the screws holding the rear panels on but no prep led to the paint flaking off.

    Whipped the wheels off and with a quick peek on as to why the drum wasn't coming off (idiot here forgot to disengage the handbrake), the drums were... to put it mildly, awful.

    Yeah... so onwards with the 80 grade sandpaper and a flapper wheel.

    Looks better already. Then a couple layers of etch primer came along. I had started the primer on the other drum but caught up with this one.

    With direct sunlight. it dried remarkably fast. So then broke out the white paint. I had considered a colour rather than just white but I figured it would be in keeping with the colour scheme at the moment.

    I also found some flakes from the panel painting, so added them in as well. I then painted the screw heads in a pearl black at the same time because... well they could do with it. Again, the heat quickly dried everything. The drums then received two layers of lacquer.

    While waiting for them to dry off, I looked inside the wheel arch and decided to give the underside a bit of a wipe, going from this... this (amazing what a brush and wipe with WD-40 will do)...

    I then did the exhaust tip since it looked a bit manky. The valance got cleaned as well.



    After about an hour or so in direct sunlight, the drums were ready to go back on. They went on with ease and then the wheels went back on. I took this before I put the white wheel nut covers on but looks a billion times better than before.

    The next thing to do on this car is to replace the IAT and MAP sensors along with all of the ignition leads. They are getting on (embarrassingly) for 50k miles old (FudgeSmart fitted them at 70k when the engine was rebuilt) so really needs doing. Unfortunately, the only time I can fit it in is during the lunch hour at work, so they will be getting a surprise.

    To finish a productive day off, here is a picture of the cat sunning in the garden underneath the original black panels of the car.

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      With Gaydon now only 27 days away, my wife and I decided to finish the detailing on the interior parts of the car. To help with my wife's portfolio of work, I asked her if she could apply some finishing touches to the interior parts of the car.

      From the photo, she didn't disappoint.

      I am in two minds as to lacquer them but I guess I will on the grounds that the lines will rub off if I don't. Now she says she wants to do some of her bezels as well.

      The next parts are to paint the wheel arch and boot panels. Once they are done, I think I will hold off on my next move until after Gaydon. Really need someone to take a look at the turbo though, it seems to be spraying oil all over the shop.
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