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beginers guide to car audio...

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    Re: beginers guide to car audio...

    Originally posted by Smartie81 View Post
    From an engineering point of view, something needing more fans is a shame, they should of included something already.....

    When my bit 10 :censor: arrives I will let you know..........
    i'd imagine that they've sorted the cooling issue.

    as for my amps, it has some 'power down' tech which reduces the power if it gets too hot rather than the amp cutting out...

    the fans are just going in purely because I have them from my old build, so might as well use them


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      Re: beginers guide to car audio...

      have this in my roady
      with 2x16mm speakers and 2x40mm tweeters focal polyglass
      but still missing the subwoofer (the one in fiber at the passenger feets)
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        Re: beginers guide to car audio...

        I've currently got a pair of warn out speakers in my Smart 450 Coupe and I want to replace them with speakers, tweeters and an 8" sub which I'm going to build an MDF box for it which will replace the styrofoam in the passenger footwell. I've selected the 8" sub as a 10" one will struggle in the confined space of the footwell.

        First off do I need to replace my Grundig Tape/CD changer head unit or can I just fit the sound chip? Im not an audio phial and am looking for good sound on longer journeys rather than concert quality reproduction so if possible Id prefer not to.

        My first question is what speakers, tweeters and subs would others recommend I look at with this setup and secondly are there any other components I need such as amps or can I just plug my CD changer and Parrot MKi9100 into the back of the existing head unit to give me all the inputs I need and then add the speakers?


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          Re: beginers guide to car audio...

          I would suggest an alright ish HU upgrade (150 sort of sony/pioneer)

          Small amp to power sub

          Bass bins with components (mids in bins and tweeters on a-pillars)

          You can keep the original HU and run that into an amp too but I wouldn't waste my money on the sound chip tbh

          NeilP is your man really


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            Re: beginers guide to car audio...

            I agree with JJ on that!

            but i'd get a 4 channel amp and amp the midrange speakers as well, purely for the extra headroom offered from an external amp

            your parrot 9100 will also be able to work with the aftermarket set up, as you'll take the signal for the amplifiers where the speakers would be (with a high to low convertor)

            tune it properly and you'll have a cracking little system that hasn't broken the bank yet sounds every bit worth it!


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              you are right

              Sorry, what you mean?


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