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SatNav: Factory supplied in a 451

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  • SatNav: Factory supplied in a 451

    I've recently bought a '12' plate 451 that has the full works factory music/DVD/SatNav/Bluetooth install. Does anyone know:-
    • What is the most recent set of digital maps?
    • How do I find out which map set I'm on? I reckon it's the original.
    • Where is it best to get an update and how much?
    Many thanks.

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    The updates are only available from smart, apparently 150.
    The date of the maps is definitely in the settings somewhere, I remember my brand new 2011 had 2009 maps.
    Most recent maps, unknown.

    Unfortunately, the "full works" stereo is a hunk of over priced junk. The 300 Chinese stereo I replace mine with was 10 times better.


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      Ah, thanks Evil. I suspected as much. Fortunately, I did not buy the car for the ICE unit and I predominantly listen to Radio 4 and some starightforward 1970s/80s music - so the system is fine by me. Not to say that the controls are a bit quirky ...


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