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    I purchased my 2002 smart pulse a year ago and it already had a panisonic head unit fitted in it. This was fine, however when I switched the ignition off, the next time I got into the car the head unit had reset and the stored stations had gone and it was back to factory settings.

    After a year I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with it and am looking at getting it fixed.

    I have looked at the wiring and it would appear that some of the wires from the head unit don't match up to the car wiring. I have looked at this and identified the power wires apart from the speaker wires, but I still can't work it out.

    So the car wires are like this

    1 - brown
    2 - pink/blue
    3 - brown/white
    4 - empty
    5 - blue
    6 - empty

    And from my head unit they are patched like this...

    2 - black - which connects to brown (1) car wire
    1 - red (acc) - which connects to pink/blue (2)car wire
    3 - blue/white (remote) - which connects to a blank connector on the car loom
    4 - blank
    5 - blank
    6 - yellow (battery) - which connects to Blue (5) car wire

    I'm just not sure which wire from the head unit should be meeting which wire in the car loom?
    Any ideas? Thanks

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    You need to switch 2 wires of the radio -yellow to red, red to yellow.
    Take a look on


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