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    My 450 has factory fitted tweeters, does that mean the main speakers will have been upgraded as well? The head unit has never worked but I have been thinking of fitting something. Am I right in saying I will need to fit crossovers if I use a non Smart head unit?

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    You need to feel up under the dash .... if you can feel the bare backside of a drive unit either side it's not upgraded (Think from memory the nearside is easier to feel?)
    If however you can only feel a box where the speaker should be then you've got the upgrade.

    The bass reflex bins were a huge improvement on the stock bare drive unit (the 'infinite baffle' being the dashboard itself on the stock system)

    and yes you'd need crossovers


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      I shall have a feel up under there then. Ooooeerrr missus!


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          If you have tweeters then yes you will also have the bass boxes, improved dash speakers - i.e. a component setup.

          If you pop in an aftermarket headunit it will mis-drive the speakers due to the unconventional way they're wired. So either you have to fit crossovers, or simply replace with another standard unit.

          TBH aftermarket units look gash, don't gel with the rest of the interior, have the wrong contours so stick out like a sore thumb, and are likely to have you returning to your car to find a window smashed and the radio gone.

          There is absolutely nothing wrong with the original Grundig tape or CD units. I would stick with them and add any other features you need such as MP3/Aux input or Bluetooth.


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            I will see if I can repair what is currently fitted but I don't have a code for it.


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              A replacement unit off ebay will only cost you about 30-80 depending on whether you go for tape or CD.


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                If you do buy a 'new' original from ebay, be aware if your cassette head unit is from an upgraded car you'll need to retrieve the crossover upgrade card from it and swap over.
                The cd unit is enabled in software via the menu.

                (i.e. the cd is the same unit in a non-upgrade car and upgrade car, the cassette needed a card fitted to upgrade)

                As for doing the feel (as I described) I've actually seen a smart tweetered car back in the day, but it had the original crappy bass units !!
                I seem to remember it was a loan car


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                  Mine has the boxes.


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                    If I cannot get the original unit going I will just go after market and build a couple of crossovers. It is no big chore and it will be fun, have not built any crossovers for over 15 years.


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