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kenwood DNX8220BT no sub sound

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  • kenwood DNX8220BT no sub sound

    I have just finished installing a Kenwood DNX8220BT to Marcie, its been sat waiting for a while but now shes in. I need to tap into the forum knowledge base though.

    For some reason the underseat sub is not working. I reconnected the previous Smart unit and its fine, plug the Kenwood in and no dice. that tells me there is nothing wrong with the wiring, as it orks with the Smart unit. I have tried all the settings I can find on the Kenwood thinking its just a balance/fader thing as Marcie only has 2 door and 2 dash speakers, but still nothing. Can anyone help please.

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    Have you remembered the 'remote control' signal on a blue wire from the back of your head unit which doesn't control the unit but is a logic signal for a range of additional devices - particularly
    sub units. The corresponding 'remote input' of your sub unit is possibly missing and if its 'floating' the sub will probably suppress the output.

    You could wire it to the supply which would permanently enable it (and allow a small current drain) but it is worth the pain of taking out the HU and running a wire (ideally colour code it to blue) to see if that fixes it for you


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      Hi and thanks, what you describe is exactly what was wrong, kind of. I had wired the blue wire to the correct pin, but as I had to change the pin configuration, that's where the problem was. I didn't bent the pin locking tab out again so when I pushed the connectors together it simply pushed the pin out, but not far enough for me to notice. I have now installed the pin securely and all is working.
      Many thanks for your help.


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