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Fortwo - Numeric Blue Panels

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  • Fortwo - Numeric Blue Panels

    Fortwo - Numeric Blue Panel

    Currently sitting on my SORN smart, these are for 450 (1998 to 2001) or mk1 to mk5.5

    Numeric Blue is now a very rare colour, its seen eBay sellers selling one individual panel for in region of 150!

    Sample picture of Numeric blue

    I am happy to swap these on the following terms:

    a) no damage, sctraches or repairs to your panels

    Order of accepted colours and required cash supplement if you want my panels.

    a) Sctratch Black (swap no cash)
    b) True Blue (+ 150)
    c) River Silver (+ 150)
    d) Jack black, lite white, phat red (+250)

    I'm not interested ins elling the set outright as i would like something on my smart to keep it from being naked.

    PM me or email me (email in profile)

    Many thanks

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    Re: Fortwo - Numeric Blue Panels

    do you still have any panels left please


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