Hi all! This car is currently off the road due to a broken front (suspension) spring and the MOT has expired. No longer need it so am selling.

The car has been an absolute beauty in the 9 yrs I've owned it. 132k miles, of which I've done 65k (about 50% motorway miles without loading the engine much). So much fun to drive, so much poise around corners. Small and economical but the coupe actually takes quite a lot of luggage. I've done week-long road trips in it and even moved house! (took a few trips)

Never failed to start. No problem with leaks. It's not clean because it's been parked up for a while, but all exterior panels are in perfect condition apart from what's listed below.

- Hard-top coupe
- 60kW (80 HP) 700cc engine
- 16" Spikeline alloys
- Leather heated seats
- Dash-mounted boost pressure gauge and temp gauge
- Bury Bluetooth handsfree kit - suitable for any phone

Upgraded/recently replaced (so you know the usual troubles have already been fixed):
- All 4 tyres with very few miles (2xGoodyear Eagle F1 A2 and 2xDunlop Sportmaxx RT)
- Cruise control (best thing I've ever added to a car)
- Oil pan replaced with ABS plastic
- won't rust through like the factory sump
- Turbo coolant pipes
- Clutch actuator
- Braided brake hoses

The car's is in good condition apart from these items:
- Front right suspension spring (I have the spare).
- Front bumper centre section cracked.
- Rear bumper centre section cracked.
- Air conditioning inlet pipe not connected (original cracked so replaced with reinforced one but never completed the setup as I didn't really need it)
- Interior cloth of the roof sections are slightly peeled off, but can be glued back on.
- Driver side window mechanism isn't working very well, the glass needs help to go up (I have a spare mechanism but car broke before I had a chance to replace)
- Slight damage to stitching in passenger seat.
- After sitting for a few months, the central locking seems to have stopped working

I bought this car as a repaired Cat D write-off. It had had a front collision and the insurance preferred to write it off than pay for repair, but it was fully repaired before I bought it.

Photos here, they're not great but let me know if you want anything photo'ed in more detail: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nj...gQqi1RNmI7I0nV

In Kingston, Surrey. Looking for 1200. PM me with offers.