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  • Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

    20 ~ 22 High Street
    CB3 9NF

    01223 550850


    CDi's P O A

    Fortwo "A" ~ 115 inc
    "B" ~ 200 inc
    "C" ~ 265 inc

    Roadster "A" ~ 115 inc
    "B" ~ 240 inc
    "C" ~ 305 inc

    Roadster Coupe "A" ~ 115 inc
    "B" ~ 265 inc
    "C" ~ 330 inc

    Brabus Roadster / Roadster Coupe + 25 For "B" & "C"

    Fortwo Standard Tyres 55 Inc (Fr) 60 Inc (Rr)

    74kw TIK (Brabus Genuine) 95 inc Fitted

    Quantam Batteries (2yr Guarantee) 45 inc fitted

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    Re: Service with a smile

    Just booked my Smart fortwo in for a B service at CambridgeSmart.
    Their £138.45 + VAT quote beats the Smart prices here in London of £329. Will let you know how I get on.
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      Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

      Had two bad experiences with this company. They do work and charge you without okaying it first. Also the quality of work is poor.

      (from Vlad - please add more info - which service & how much)

      Had a C service which was fine
      Asked them to look into a problem where the engine kept going into safe mode. They said that the cycle valve was faulty and replaced it accordingly. That bill came to over £430. When I got home the engine continued to go into safe mode.

      I called them and arranged for the car to go back in stating clearly that they had not fixed my previous problem that I had already coughed up £200 for. I clearly stated that I was to be made aware of ANY charges (if any).The kept the car for 3 days and eventually called stating that it was ready for collection. When I got there to collect it they produced a bill of £140 for removing the seat and cleaning the ecu connections. I could not believe it.....

      Anyway, on the way home the car developed a serious rattle. That weekend I took the back end off and discovered that the cycle valve that they had replaced was loosly secured via a tie wrap. They had not used the two bolts that kept the original one in place.

      So to round it off, I ended up with with a massive £500+ bill and a car that continued stalling.

      Eventually after a discussion with the previous owner (now friend) I went to Smartarse where they discovered a crack in the Turbo.

      So I think that they are a poor communicating, over charging company that give a bad name to the business.
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        Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

        Re Cambridge Smart Cars -Independant

        Had an A service and two front springs fitted today the service was excellent i was given a lift to the local park and ride and picked up when the job was finished.The price was very reasonable and the work of good quality as far as i could see.I would recommend this garage and i was made a lot more welcome here than at my local Smart dealer.


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          Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

          Had my B service there yesterday. Very polite staff who offered me a hot cup of coffee and a warm spot in reception. Despite a lot of clients they began work on my car straight away. The keys were back in my hand 90 minutes later (equivalent to a couple good magazines). The mechanic came to see me and gave me a few recommendations. Great service.

          I compared the B service checklist I printed off this site and everything was accounted for... (I have heard a few garages skip changing the spark plugs).

          I would recommend this garage without any hesitation. Price was exactly as quoted here - worked out to around £169 incl. VAT.


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            Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

            There is a moral to all this, when people realise that "you can't please all of the people all of the time" the world will be a happier place!

            Paul and the guys are reponsible for the painting of the Brabus Body Kit on the forfourformandyandlotty!

            Engine Rebuilding - sw-exclusive Remaps - TAN Codes - Key Fob Coding - Servicing

            All Services Available Mobile, Key Coding Available 24/7



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              Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

              I`v had no problems with these guys they are friendly and try and help you out

              Only problem I have had is they never call you back; either that or I just kept missing there calls..



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                Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                I had a new engine from these guys... Excellent service if you ask me!


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                  Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                  Just had a roadie "B" service + Fuel Filter from Cambridge Smart Cars today, excellent service, friendly staff, servicing was excellent, and I could watch and ask awkward questions like "Aren't there supposed to be 6 spark plugs?" and "How do you fit a TIK then?" and suchlike...


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                    Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                    No Complaints From Me.....Excellent Service....


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                      Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                      Had a full engine change after my roadie engine ground to a halt shortly after a B service elsewhere. Excellent service, a courtesy car as long as I needed one. I can't recommend them enough.



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                        Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                        A big to Mark and the boys at Cambridge Smart Cars who did a 'B' service on Vixen today, and pulled out all the stops to replace the leaking drive shaft seals...... :thanx: at lot everyone.

                        The only thing I can't understand is that over a 176 mile journey, I could only squeeze 9 litres back into the tank! That equats to 88.9 MPG!!
                        Are you sure you didn't fill me up Mark?? or did you drop a diesel block in when I wasn't looking?

                        Once again, :thanx: boys.



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                          Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                          went to see fudge and the boys at csc yesterday for an a service on my roadie and i can't compliment them enough. friendly service, offered my coffee, gave useful and honest advice, didn't try to do work that wasn't needed and gave me my smartmaniacs discount! what more could you ask for?

                          i admit it's a bit out of my way normally but i went in on the way back to london from my mum's in norfolk so it worked out good. that said, i'll definitely make the trip up there to have other work done if i need it.

                          cheers guys


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                            Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                            My Brabus Roadster had a B service at CSC on Friday, and I'm satisfied with my experience. As well as the service there were a long list of niggles and problems and CSC did their best to fix them and were honest enough to say they didn't have a clue when they didn't have a clue. I will be using this company again.

                            A few things I noticed though... They are a long way from being as slick as a Smart/Mercedes-Benz dealer. Obviously no plush showroom with B&O televisions to watch whilst sipping the complimentary espresso, but that doesn't really matter. Of more importance is that I got my car back on Saturday rather than the Friday due to work over-running. To be fair I suggested they could do this from the outset, but on several occasions I was told "it'll be ready today", "it will be done in a few hours" only for the final call at 5pm Friday to be, "er, can you get it tomorrow?". No problem but a clear message from the start would impress more.

                            Quoting the price for work without VAT. This is just annoying, plus the fact things are phrased as "this part is 70 + VAT, and four hours labour to fit". Just tell me what it will cost! In my experience, this is something Smart/Mercedes are very good at, even though the costs may be higher you know exactly what it will be - including VAT!

                            Before Saturday, I thought everywhere cleaned your car before giving it back to you post service these days. I no longer think this.

                            Final point, CSC will add 2% to your bill if you pay by credit card. This was a bit unexpected and just struck me as a bit smalltime, but maybe that's just me. It's like when you see people on eBay charging more when people use PayPal.

                            I stress the above points are mere niggles and will not stop me using CSC again. The guy I dealt with at CSC - Jeff - was helpful, knowledgeable, and polite, and was good enough not to call me an idiot when I got momentarily confused by the mirrors at the back of the showroom.

                            One last thing, my 10 investment in a SmartManiacs discount card saved me 60 on Friday, and will save me another 40 when I get my aircon fixed. Not a bad return for a tenner.
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                              Re: Cambridge Smart Cars - Independant

                              Another experience with CSC today. Several weeks ago I booked my Brabus Roadster in for a replacement AC pipe to be fitted, and the system to be regassed.

                              Upon walking into the showroom this morning (the only customer at 8:45 am), I went unacknowledged until I had to make a point of telling the receptionist I was there and why. There was no greeting, no acknowledgement I had walked in despite the front door being right next to her desk, and once I had stated why I was there was 'told' to wait for someone else. This is not professional and falls some way short of the most basic customer service skills.

                              Later, having gone on my way with the courtesy car (a 450 on this occasion), I received a call from CSC at 11 am telling me the parts they needed to do the job had not been delivered. Whilst I can appreciate that deliveries sometimes get delayed, this kind of "just in time" method is a bit slipshod. It would not be rocket science to make sure you either keep a larger inventory of parts, or make sure that you receive the parts you need a day or several days before the time you need them.

                              As it was they were able to fix one problem - a faulty brake switch - for the cost of the part and an hour's labour. Total cost = circa 100. Does it take an hour to fit this switch? I've got no idea but will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

                              I've rebooked my AC pipe replacement along with a drive shaft replacement for next Thursday so hopefully this will be done properly and on time. The B service a few weeks back, the brake switch today, and the drive shaft and AC pipe next week will see me spend in excess of 1000 in under a month with this company, so I am hoping for a little more than today's experience.

                              Another screw up will see me go back to using Smart of Basingstoke.

                              One final point. When it came to collect my car it took surly girl 10 minutes to find my key, and then only succeeded with the aid of mechanic man. Moral of this story? Ask for Jeff.


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