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crossblade car cover part nr??

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  • crossblade car cover part nr??

    Does anyone knows the original nr of the carcover thats inside the trunk ?? I have one but it look likes somebody has been spraypainting it or something and now everytime when its in the sun the inside gets sticky like glue and that gets on my car. At the moment i am putting it inside out to prevent this and have the sticky stuff on the outside. I do have been trying to clean it with atleast 15 different products but it won,t come of. Even not with paint remover!!! Thanks for any advice!!

    Marcel, crosblade 0415.

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    tree sap??

    is it machine washable??

    JJ (tech 454) - (free )


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      No it is not from the trees, because its on the inside of the cover?? Yes I even brought it to the drycleaners and they have no solution. The strange thing is that in the night time it does not stick at all, only when its in the sun like its sweating or something??


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        Problem solved i had one made from sky (leather) , because the Smart centre told me that the original one was 450 euro !! Now i payed 170 euro and a lot better quality.


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          an option,
          Place a damp cloth on the surface.
          And go with a hot iron over it.

          Carefully try to increase the temperature
          However, keep an eye on the cloth.

          Good luck!


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