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  • default automatic ???

    Hi there, maybe a stupid question but my Crossblade is always in automatic gear after starting. I have to push the button to drive manual every time. Any way to change this so that is stays manual after being turnt off ?? I have driven a 450 for 16 years and that one always remembered the last position.

    Thanks !!!

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    Some people are disappointed because it's the other way round !

    Seem to remember smart did it to me on a model along the way ... a new model I bought remembered and the one I traded in didn't !! or maybe it was in for some work and it came back remembering ...
    Think they messed it up in a software update along the way ..... I can't remember the details though sorry.

    I preferred it to remember personally.

    It should be of little consequence because the 1st shift you do knocks it out anyway.
    There's very little work to just give it one forward push after you move it from neutral after starting is there?
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      Yes it is not the work to push the button or shift one gear up up but i was just wondering if there was a way to turn it around. I prefer to drive manual.......


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