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Wrong oil in my smart 451 - intermittent limp mode - MB229.51 specification

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  • Wrong oil in my smart 451 - intermittent limp mode - MB229.51 specification

    Hi, my 2011 smart 451 54 BHP has been suffering from intermittent limp mode with no engine warning lights or fault codes. Once it happens it will stay in limp until the next day. Pulling over and switching car on and off didn't seem to help but sometimes if I left it for a few hours it would be ok next start up.
    I feel its a problem with the DPF regen and that sometimes it is not regenerating when or as it should.

    My last service was 8,000 miles ago and I have just realised that the wrong oil has been put in (Halfords) It should take a low ash 5w30 oil (c2/c2/c3) but instead has 5w30 A3.

    Could this be causing the problems? I didn't seem to have this issue prior to the service.

    Anyone have any knowledge of this. I have read MB229.51 and am quite concerned.

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