My daughter has a Smart ForFour Prime 0.9turbo 65plate.
We’re having engine issues with the turbo. We had the car to an auto electrician as the engine management light had come on (disabling the cruise control) and feeling generally sluggish. The error code is for the turbo.
We’ve had a bottle of cleaner added to the petrol tank, but it doesn’t seem to have done the trick.
Does anyone have any suggestions, as having a new turbo fitted isn’t an option at the moment. Apparently there was a new turbo fitted by the main dealer before we bought the car in 2018. Surely the car shouldn’t have gone through 2turbos, it’s only done 32k miles!

My daughter lives around the York area, if anyone knows of any local indie specialists that may be able to help. She’s a newly qualified teacher, so money is quite tight...so bank of Mam and Dad to the rescue...!
Thanks in advance folks.