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  • JJs Project BRABUS

    thought i had posted this up before but obviously not.......

    but for some of our new members (especially ones with full inboxes).....

    I do most of the work myself and always work on a v tight budget (wife and kid do not allow me to spend the big money on the car as my mortgage is far too big)

    Over the 6+ years I have owned my BRAB I have constantly "modded" it - ordering bonnet vents, new pod rings, hids and aero wipers before the car was even delivered.

    However, I have been more intent on doing guides for sites like , and now over the last 3 years for that crazyG, Evilution and myself set up as a technical resource for all things forfour!

    This has meant (and has been demonstrated recently) that I have forgotten all the things I have done to my car.

    So I pulled together all my mods


    -Painted calipers
    -Bosch Aerotwin wipers
    -6000k HIDs
    -LED sidelights
    -Chromed indicator bulbs
    -Powertec Induction Kit from CZt
    -Upgraded Horn
    -Radio6 aux lead from
    -Stubby aerial
    -Smart 451 BRABUS grill badge
    -BRABUS number plate surround
    -Rear alloys on front (225 tyres all round now)
    -Upgraded earth leads from lounge concept mod (seats fold flat forward now)
    -BRABUS concept blue engine cover (removed at present)
    -Wildwood big brake kit (4 pot) from '97 Lancer
    -Orange HEL braided brake hoses from
    -Trial for CZt Forge pipe work and manifold heat shield from
    -Custom BRABUS "tow here" stickers
    -100w fog light bulbs
    -BRABUS private plate
    -Parrot Bluetooth hands free and iPod link (now with mrSingh)
    -Additional dash mats
    -Custom Ultra Racing rear pillar brace
    -Custom Ultra Racing strut brace
    -Carbon fibre wrapped grill, splitters, wing mirror, b pillar, spoiler
    -Vauxhall sunglasses holder
    -LED grill DRLs
    -Fly eyes vinyl roof and mirrors wrap in orange
    -Fly eyes rear lights, front fog/indicators and sidelights
    -D1 spec radiator cap in blue
    -High level brake light LED conversion
    -CREE LED reverse light
    -Focus ST orange dash pods
    -25mm Eibach hubcentric spacers on rear wheels
    -5mm spacers on front wheels (to clear larger callipers)
    -Pioneer App radio with reversing camera
    -Smart 450 mudflaps modified to fit (front)
    -Replacement orange stitched gear gator and handbrake gator
    -Brabus seatbelt clip covers
    -Smart 452 (roadster) speedo cowl modified and installed
    -Wifi OBDII dongle and dash command
    -Alpine speakers all round
    -Taxi style roof decal
    -BRABUS car mats
    -White nose panel with plaster (i didn't even crash it)
    -Trial remap (207bhp from 177bhp)
    -Trial fit coilovers for Bilstein R&D
    -Team Heko wind deflectors
    -Tinted windows all round
    -Official "powered by BRABUS" stainless badges on B pillar
    -Smarts4you Racing sunstrip decal
    -Rear sun shades (for the sprog)
    -Forge CZt boost actuator (Htec Elite)
    -450 BRABUS arch extensions

    plus my dad has a 1.3 with full brabus body kit and alloys on lower suspension

    - - - Updated - - -

    i have pictures coming out of my ears as I am constantly writing guides for my if you want to see anything in particular then just ask......

    Happy 2014 from the forfour community

    JJ (tech 454) - (free )

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    Re: JJs Project BRABUS

    and the old fortwo.........

    regularly waxed with 100 swissol wax.

    Standard features:
    03 plate Smart Pulse - May 2003
    Metallic Bay grey

    Factory fitted optional extras:
    Heated leather seats
    Side airbags
    Metallic-silver tridion
    Material floor mats with Smart logo
    Rear Parcel shelf

    Smarts R Us remap (producing est 85bhp with zorst, k&n and delip)
    Blindsleiche stainless exhaust and valance (twin centre exit)
    EBC Green Stuff pads
    K&N replacement filter
    S-Mann air scoop (with air intake delip)
    Evil Twin dump valve

    Techno Magnesio 16" alloys with 195's all round (worth about 1000)
    Arch extenders front and rear
    Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs (front and rear)
    Brabus Side skirts Flaps
    Headlight eyebrows
    Meshed grill and front valance
    Vertical Wiper mod with Bosch AeroTwin blades
    Smoothed Rear Wiper
    De-badged except Roadster style "smart" rear badge
    LED indicator and stop/tail bulbs
    Plasmaspark "HID look" PIAA headlight bulbs
    Ice White Quad LED side light bulbs
    Clear side repeaters
    Stubby FM aerial
    Smart Mud flaps
    Upgraded twintone horn

    Interior dash lights all changed to blue
    Brabus Carbon effect instrument surrounds
    Professionally Tinted windows and sun strip

    Sony CDX motorised headunit CD/MP3 with remote control
    Sony 6-disc multichanger
    Hi power 4ch amp
    Front base bins upgrade with alpine component speaker set
    10" fli-trap active sub
    (all fitted about 2 months ago and come with boxes/instructions)

    (plus spare set of brand new alpine midrange speakers)
    (plus spare set used alpine 6x9's in boxes to fit behind seats)

    Personalised Plate - H4LVD "HALVD"

    Full Thatcham approved alarm that works off the standard key remote (the fortwo does not have an alarm as standard - only an immobiliser)

    I loved this car to bits but it was time to get a bigger (more reliable) one

    some more pics..............

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      Re: JJs Project BRABUS

      great thread mate. bet that took you ages with the amount of things on the cars
      all looking great mate


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        Re: JJs Project BRABUS

        Where are those scabby things you call wheels on your forfour - must be old pictures

        Still have your Marina roof I see


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          Re: JJs Project BRABUS

          Haha wheels were sanded down for plastidipping when you saw it

          Refurb is required though after I have straightened them a bit

          The 70s and 80s are back


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            Re: JJs Project BRABUS

            Originally posted by problemchild1976 View Post

            The 70s and 80s are back

            good i do miss vhs and audio cassettes. my kids have no idea what they are!


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              Re: JJs Project BRABUS

              Originally posted by problemchild1976 View Post

              Originally posted by problemchild1976 View Post
              as my mortgage is far too big


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                Re: JJs Project BRABUS

                ha ha ha


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                  Re: JJs Project BRABUS

                  My lordship is in the post I believe


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                    Re: JJs Project BRABUS

                    Originally posted by problemchild1976 View Post
                    My lordship is in the post I believe

                    Yes - post#7.


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                      Re: JJs Project BRABUS

                      .......wish it was my house though.

                      Although it is an ex mental assylum and supposedly haunted ...then i'm not so sure


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                        wow jj i like the forfour brabus looks amazing. are they reliable what are they like to live with mpg big miles etc?....


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                          Hi - and thanks.

                          Reliability is SUPERB! owned for over 6 years with no real issues. Rear shocks can leak and wheel bearings can need replacing but ive not had issues.

                          MPG around town is hard to keep high (its so fun to drive) but 40mpg is easy on a longer run.

                          Suspension is v firm and a tad crashy like the fortwo.

                          But the sheer rarity and smile the drive creates is worth that


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                            my god the summer and driving the forfour are an excellent combo

                            hope everyone is enjoying the weather


                   (tech 454) - (free )


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                              Cool mods on 4-2. Can I get any details about both wipers mods ?


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