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Dash lights on Handbrake, Battery and ABS HELP!!

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  • Dash lights on Handbrake, Battery and ABS HELP!!

    Bought a 2006 1.5 passion before christmas for my son. It had the power steering issue so replaced it with a second hand one.
    Drives great, nice inside, love the car.
    I've also replaced the battery due to the battery light.
    Replace all the brake pads all round and checked the ABS cables due to the Handbrake and ABS light
    Battery is reading 16 to 16.4 volts when running, with the old and new battery, possibly Alternator issue. Battery light flickers off/on when driving.
    I've checked ODB11 with handheld device but it says no faults.
    Any advice welcome.

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    Hey there, welcome to the forum!

    I have a 2004 1.3 Semi-Automatic and notice that sometimes, as you note, the dash lights and headlamps flicker but this is only when changing gear and again, this is with the old battery that the car came with and the new battery I fitted last year. I can only think of this being down to poor earthing connections or, potentially, the clutch actuator needs a bit of lubrication. Are the ABS, Brake and Battery lights still showing after the battery change?


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      I have some info regarding the brake switch. This may be making the handbrake , and and warning triangle to illuminate. At 6 it is worth replacing to confirm.
      The battery light flicker could be poor earth, all checked but I'm more worried about the 16volt when running. can someone confirm voltage when running plz.


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        Battery change to a new battery had change on battery light. Still on and flickers.


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          16 Volts sounds high to me. Normally I'd expect to see 13.8 to 14.8 Volts max.
          I'd be worried about doing some damage to electrical items on the car at 16 Volts!


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            I've worked it out.
            Checked the voltage draw on the battery with a multimeter. The 30Amp fuse on the fusable link was showing 5 volts at the connection side, all the others 13.3 volts.
            Then I notices the green copper corrosion. It looks like the 30 Amp fuse had failed, this being the ABS 2 item.
            I got a second hand replacement for 20 as you cannot just replace the blown fuse.
            Fitted the replacement. ABS, triangle, battery and handbrake are all doing as they should.
            Tested the voltage while running. Reads 15.2 volts
            Happy Dayz.


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