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Front spring replacement - Forfour Passion 1.5CDi

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  • Front spring replacement - Forfour Passion 1.5CDi

    Hello all

    I'm new to the forum as my brother has given me a ForFour Passion 1.5Cdi. What a great little car! A bit ugly but beggars can't be choosers and I like ugly cars anyway. Always something a bit different and people seem to think it's a shopping car. He's just bought himself a Brabus ForFour 1st Gen. That's pretty quick...

    Anyway, obviously there is no manual for servicing and there are a few jobs that need attending to.

    I've scoured the internet today but most servicing information seems to be about the ForTwo which says you have to remove the front end to change the front suspension springs.

    So... the question is do you have to remove the front end on a ForFour and is there any information out there on how to do this please?

    I've worked out how to take the front landing panel off just below the windscreen as I performed a diesel leak-off test last week as it starts really hard like an engine mount has gone and idles pretty roughly. You can feel it but the needle doesn't particularly drift much. Injector one passed 25% more diesel at idle than the other two but only 12.5% more at 3000rpm. Is any of that to be concerned about?

    It's surprising how nifty the car is and at first I thought the big ends were going but the exhaust is just really roarty. A fun drive! Glad to be an owner.

    Any advice or points in the right direction appreciated.

    I also want to plug it into a mate's OBDC Bosch kit to see what they reveals. Fingers crossed.

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