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1. Speed limiter issue 2. Smart Navigation query

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  • 1. Speed limiter issue 2. Smart Navigation query

    I have a 2016 Forfour and I have a couple of things that I can't get sorted.
    1. When I am driving at say, 32mph and then put the speed limiter on to stay at that speed, sometimes (very, very randomly) it will put the limiter on at 40mph. This also happened when I was doing 53mph and wanted it to stay at that speed. I put the limiter on and it showed up as 60mph. I took it to the Smart dealer and of course, when we went out for a drive around the block, it didn't happen. It doesn't always happen and then a couple of times it also went on at the correct chosen speed, and then a second later, it moved up to that next 10 increment - went from 32 to 40, or 53 to 60. I hope somebody understands what I am saying, because the mechanic at Smart had no idea. I am wondering if it might be something to do with the connections maybe? I thought that maybe it was because I was doing the two buttons too quick, hence not giving the left hand limiter button enough time to register before doing the right hand speed. However, I tried doing it slower, I tried putting the limiter on when I was going uphill, downhill, increasing speed, decreasing speed to see if there was any pattern or reason. You get my drift? It is so random that there is no place to really start diagnosing it I guess. I thought I should try and video it, but that would be pretty difficult, especially when I never know when it is going to happen.

    2. The car symbol on the satnav went back to the normal cursor and for one trip, the line that shows you the route you are taking when following directions to a destination, went and it was only because I was listening to the voice and watching the rest of the screen, I knew where I had to go. It has now come back, but I still would like to know why that happened.
    When I took into Smart, they did an update which was fine ..... except now all my favourites, saved and recent destinations have disappeared. Ggrrrrrrr, quite annoying. My questions are: will the car symbol keep disappearing everytime an update is needed? Is that normal that all my destinations and favourites disappear with every update?

    Sorry for the long, long post.

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    When the speed limiter plays up - does the car's speed go to the new figure? (I'm wondering if the '40' isn't merely the local speed limit being shown). If there's a fault though, warranty should cover it.
    I know nothing about sat nav or updates. Is there anything in the handbook/manual (on either of your problems)?


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      Hi, yes it does go the new figure. The handbook/manual isn't very useful on either of the problems.


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