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Brake Light Failure

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  • Brake Light Failure

    The brake lights have failed on my Y reg coupe.
    Ive changed the bulbs and checked the fuse (No 10 I think)but still no joy. The driving lights work as normal as per everything else.

    Any ideas anyone?


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    Sounds like it could be the brake light switch. Are you able to put the car into gear OK?


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      blackbird had this problem i think.

      there is a switch underneath the car near to where the handbrake goes underneath. you will need to remove the undercover to get at it though


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        No problem with the gears, sound like I'm crawling underneath the car then, or maybe the wife will do it for me!!!
        Thanks for the advice


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          I had this problem, a new switch is about a tenner and as said requires the floor pan to be removed, took about half an hour at Mb dealer.


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            Before I the wife had a chance to look under the car the brake lights started working again but with a slight delay from pedal press to lighting up. Now I'm even more confused, sounds like a visit to Smarts in Brum.
            Thanks for the suggestions.


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              Sounds like the brake switch.


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                Here are many threads about this useless brake light switch. Didnt anyone rebuild to a STD-switch from lets say Mercedes?
                The NC part of the switch could be replaced with an relay driven by the current to the brake lights, and possibly also put that easily reachable in the case of problems selecting gear in future..


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                  Easy to do. NO magnetic reed switch fully sealed hence unaffected by the elements. DPDT relay inside cabin. The hardest bit is wiring it all up.


                  • ethanol-smart
                    ethanol-smart commented
                    Editing a comment
                    If I ever get the engine started again (been sitting for 3-4 years), I will do this improvement! :-)

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