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Info on removing/installing new pollen filter? 2005 Fortwo Passion Cabrio, G&K mod

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  • Info on removing/installing new pollen filter? 2005 Fortwo Passion Cabrio, G&K mod

    I have a 2005 ForTwo Passion Cabrio; one of the U.S.G&K mods. Been looking around online for info without success. Can anyone point me to pictorials that instruct how to install a new pollen filter? The few I've seen are obviously for the wrong year/model. Even the guide that came with the new Mann filter is for another make and model of Smart. 😕

    Also, my air conditioning has stopped working YET AGAIN. My mechanic (the only one in the region...) isn't sure of what's really wrong; the last time I took it in he apparently fixed it by accident! Perhaps it's the compressor? I don't hear that on-and-off sound now that I hear when it's actually cooling—I've been told that's the compressor? The mechanic thought the coolant might have all leaked out and refilled it once, but that wasn't the issue either.


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    There is a how to on Evilution's website, but you have to sign up to read the whole article, well worth the £10 in my opinion.
    I've changed mine through the offside service vent before, but you have to be a bit of an gynecologist! A lot easier to take the front of the car off.

    As for the aircon I think you need to take it to a specialist. From what i've read, it's normally a lack of refrigerant gas caused by leaking seals or the condenser at the front of the car being holed. If there is low gas pressure the clutch on the compressor will not cut in & that's why you won't hear it running.


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      It is on the same side as the washer fluid filler, a pain to get to with the front on but not impossible.


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        How to replace cabin filter is self explanatory once front panels are off. I have seen claims some owners have changed filter with panels on. I doubt those filters were much good after installation. With front panels off you can also check out condition of your ac condenser.


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