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Transmission failure

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  • Transmission failure

    After 7 years of trouble free motoring I lost power entering a car park in Palencia, Northern Spain. On the dashboard the orange triangle came on and I just managed to coast into a parking space. After switching off and starting the engine again everything was fine. This occurred three more times on the way north through wind and rain. On return to London (2007) the Smart centre in Chiswick did a diagnostics and said it had something to do with a valve sticking, consequent build up of pressure and then automatic shut down, however since everything was working fine by then they could not be sure. Years went by without a reoccurrence; but then after five years it happened again. Luckily on a quiet London street on a wet night, so it was easy to pull in and switch the engine off and on again. Another few years have gone by without any trouble until a couple of months ago at the onset of winters' wet and windy weather. The orange light is now coming on regularly: always in wet-moist conditions. The common factor is when I'm slowing down and the revs are low. It's so dangerous as I need to be able to pull off the road when it happens and this isn't always possible. My mechanics don't seem to know what it is. Can anyone tell me what this is/ what needs fixing/replacing.

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    Is yours a 0.6 litre Smart 450? If so I suspect faulty lateral acceleration sensor.
    Sensor is repairable if problem at this time is intermittent.


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      Could it be failing reluctor rings?


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        Crank Position Sensor


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