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Knocking Or Rattling Under Smart Fortwo 450

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  • Knocking Or Rattling Under Smart Fortwo 450

    can anyone help? There is a loud rattle or knocking we thought from the engine- but possibly the clutch- its there when you stop but as soon as you move off it goes quiet.

    thought it may be bearings but it suddenly seemed to happen- one day all was fine - the next there was a big rattle- so not as if anything has slowly there anything that could have broken or other common problems- its a 2001 Smart 450 and I love it to Bits!!

    If its a clutch replacement- can we do it ourselves? Or is it tricky or need special equipment? we have done springs and wheel bearing and stuff

    Thanks for any advice

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    I recommend you get under your Smart to inspect. I doubt clutch is the problem if car still drives. More likely heat shield on rear valance touching exhaust or loose exhaust.


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      Good point TK.
      My 450 had - from new - the most fearful rattle at idle. Transpired it was the warning triangle in its plastic case rattling against the steel seatback.


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