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No start, only some ignitions :-(

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  • No start, only some ignitions :-(

    Hello everybody!
    Long time no see, my old petrol 450 600cc Mk2 -2000 have been standing long time now for other reasons than the car it self.
    As some might remember, this engine is modified with higher compression for take the full advantage of ethanol, E85.
    It was running beautiful except that I had problems with oil consumption and blue smoke.
    Some year ago, I finally think I have found the reason, the sensitive crankcase ventilation needs care and a blue silicon TIC hose that I added before the turbo (to get rid of the stupid restriction there) seems to be a big part of the problem. I made some tests with a prototype oil collector on the crankcase ventilation system and the smoke went away.
    ​Good, then I only will change to fresh spark-plugs and I can start to use the car agan! (This was some year ago...)

    I have now replaced all 6 spark-plugs and now I wanted to start up. (Alternator is not stuck and I can turn the engine by my hand on the v-belt)
    It fired up a bit some 1/4 of a second but after that it only cranks when I turn key and makes some irregular ignitions.

    I managed to get in some gasoline (!) in the inlet manifold via one of the crank case ventilation connections and a temporary short hose and then there is more ignitions. One time I forgot to put a plug in the hose so there were going extra air around the e-throttle, and then the engine actually started to ignite evenly, but weak for some seconds when I cranked in the same time.
    There is ignition according to an induction timing strobe that I have connected, but seems not to be on all 3, all the time. (Seems to be most present spark on cyl 3)
    Seems that ECU is shutting off one or several cylinders after some tryings.
    Fuel pump is running as usual and fuel is coming when I disconnect the pressure hose from fuel rail connector.
    Any ideas of what it best way of further fault tracing here?
    What is the best way of checking if the e-throttle is correctly behaving during start?

    Grateful for any input!

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    Update: I have fuel and spark on all 3. I screwed out all 3 top spark plugs and put all plugs to earth with some wire. Was nice sequential sparks on the loose plugs and nice fire coming up from all three cylinders. Im suspecting the e-throttle not opening up as it should.


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      Assuming the petrol is fresh.... I'd compression test for a sticking inlet valve.


      • ethanol-smart
        ethanol-smart commented
        Editing a comment
        Its fresh. And the E85 in car dont age like petrol. But now Im starting to believe in that there is a too hard going alternator... I will check that now.

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      Yep, the alternator stuck after my first tryings, I worked it free with a screwdriver now (only way without lowering on earth somebody can make such a narrow installation even for this?...), and then it started.
      First on one cylinder and then on a second and smoke dissapeared. :-)
      However, its is clear that one cyl is not firing at all, or is without compression, engine goes uneven every second revolution.
      So, here might be a sticking valve or a burned one.
      How was it now again, is it neccesary to lower the engine to get off the valve cover?
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