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Any Advise to this issue ?

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  • Any Advise to this issue ?

    Hi new to this forum, im going to buy a smart fortwo still looking at the moment, came across this one locally that has this issue, the em light is on, the car starts,runs,drives but if you leave parked in gear it has to be re set on computer to drive again ive been told it needs the new software update ? Has anyone else had this issue ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Unless you are prepared to spend the hours researching and sorting out the problem or paying someone else to sort it for you, keep looking for a Smart car without any issues.

    Without having the error codes, the engine management light being on could be down to lots of different issues, some not even related to the gear box.



    • Floss2864
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      Thats Very good advise heinkeljb aka John. Think i'll take it. Cheers

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    Originally posted by Floss2864 View Post
    ive been told it needs the new software update ?
    Get the vendor to do the above...... or follow John's advice.


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      An ECU update isn't going to make the engine management light go off. It's on for a reason (fault).
      Find another. 450 Smarts are 10 a penny.


      • mottofreee
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        ECU? Which one?
        ZEE / SAM or EDG / MEG.

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      Smart is in several variants.
      The petrol engine has MEG.
      Diesel has EDG.
      Smart made until 2003 feature EEZ.
      Manufactured after 2003 are with SAM.
      What computers do you have in your car? If you do not know exactly, MB Star or Win Star identifies them.
      You'll need one anyway diagnoser (models mentioned above) for adapting the new ECU .


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