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So which engine is it really....?

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  • So which engine is it really....?


    A small confusion today - My Smart 450 Passion is early 2003, Feb to be precise - V5 says it's 0.7l engine, but I was looking up some parts today online and it turned out that according to my VIN number WME450322xxxxxxxx the engine is in fact 0.6, 450.910. What the heck? Could someone shed some more light on that?

    OK, sorted now - after a proper VIN check it turned out that it indeed is 0.7 61BHP engine
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    Greetings, yes, 2003 is a confusing year, they went from Almond shaped headlights to Peanut but kept the 600 engine for a little while.
    If there's a SAM above the passengers feet and an OBD2 connector above the drivers right knee, in the dash pocket, just right of the steering column - it's a 700.
    It no obvious OBD2 connector where I mentioned, it'll be in the ZEE unit, which is above the passengers feet and it'll be a 600.
    This all depends on the vehicle, not having been fiddled with - aka bodged.
    Cheers, Ian.


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