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Change from Almond Shape headlights to Peanut Shape headlights

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  • Change from Almond Shape headlights to Peanut Shape headlights

    I wonder if anyone managed to change the headlights from Almond shape(early smarts to 2002) to Peanut shape(2002 to 2007).
    I have a set of panels, that are peanut shape but my car is almond shape
    I already have the almond shape headlights,
    I am aware that I will have to rewire the headlights, but not sure if I will need anything else to do the swap
    From what Ive seen the peanut shaped headlights do not properly fit
    Am I missing something? is it even possible?

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    You need a complete front (what sits behind the panels ) ,in this front is also the radiator (and condensor of the Aircon) fitted


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      I will look for some parts
      is there any place I can find the wiring of the headlights (almond shape) and peanut shape
      I have the connectors for both, and I want to cut the almond connectors and join the peanut connectors, but the colour of the wires are a bit different
      Does anyone have a diagram for headlight wiring
      I know ~I can try finding that out once I cut the connectors but it is a lot easier if I will find a diagram
      I did try to search on-line but I found nothing so far


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        Maybe you can find it on


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          Can I ask why you are going to all this trouble to change the headlights? There's nothing wrong with the almond shape ones and a car that is original will sell better than a modified one.



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            I have a good set of panels (peanut shaped)
            my almond shaped ones are very bad, cracked, etc
            and to use peanut shaped panels I will need to change, the car is 2002, so for that year there are both peanut shape or almond shape original cars


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              Legal issues can be created - there are stored pictures with the previous image of the car at the authorities and the new image in case of an event is discovered. Insurance companies do not indemnify only if the change is homologated.
              In us (in Ro) this is considered a crime and is punished with imprisonment. Probably the authorities in your country are not so locked, but only a fine is undesirable.
              For example. the steering wheel on the other side and the OE headlamps must be replaced with appropriate headlamps .
              It is better to buy panels from car dismantling ,original (OE) , the same pattern ,the same color .


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