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  • Bumper repair

    So Jilly came with a split in her front bumper. What is the correct compound to repair it? I think there are all sorts of different plastic repair mediums but they work with different plastics, is that right? I want to get the right one.

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    Getting it plastic welded is probably the best bet, but I have had reasonable luck repairing a rear wheel arch on a Roadster by using a few layers of fiberglass on the rear of the panel to stabilise the crack, then grinding a "v" into the crack, filling and respraying.

    I doubt you will have much luck just trying a glue a crack together without any further reinforcing, but an epoxy adhesive would likely give the best chance of success.


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      Thank you for this mikerj it's very helpful and I'll follow your instructions.


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        Take the front bumper off the car.
        Get some twin core and earth electrical cable, strip the plastic insulation off so you just have the copper wire.
        Make some shortish lengths and bend them into a "W" shape, with each end bent up at right angles to the "W" - i.e. give yourself something to grip with a pair of pliers.
        Line up your crack in the bumper.
        Heat the copper wire "W" in a blow torch flame.
        Press it into the plastic so it straddles the crack.
        (Now you know why it two ends you can grab with a pair of pliers).

        Go to the other side of the bumper.
        Grind a "V" shape down the length of the crack and a little bit further.
        Fill the crack with the powder in the kit ( )
        Dribble the super glue into the powder.
        Once it has set (a few seconds), you can grind it down to be level and paint if required.

        Job done.



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