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    Poking about with the central locking issue and no closer to solving.

    Benefit for a Scotsman is the prolonged battery life in the key fob as I now lock with the dashboard triangle. Just getting annoyed by the SAM warning beeps because it thinks (no it doesn't think) a door/tailgate is not closed properly. I've removed the interior light at the dash to avoid battery drain.
    So I am looking for a way to shut the speaker up (bit like Bercow).

    I have thought about snipping it or maybe a spot of blue-tack but wary of the consequences.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    Don't know if this will help or not but - when I have driven my (2005) 450 with the tailgate open, there were no beeps. All that was noticeable was the interior lights took about 30 mins to go off. I hadn't tried to lock it with the triangle though and mine (Pure) doesn't self lock when underway.
    From memory, any bleeping with a door still open is when either the handbrake is released or a gear engaged - or both. But only with doors - not tailgate.


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      Thanks Thrumbleux.
      I know why its squawking, just need a reasonable way to silence it. Ignored it gets more persistent, until a re-start.


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        What else do you lose if you snip its wire - indicator bleep - and not much more? You can always re join it if necessary. The noise would drive me nuts. I'd likely snip it - even if I hovered before hand like a bomb disposal expert freaking about the correct wire to cut. Or performing a DIY vasectomy.


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          Thrumbleux the power of thought!
          Just been out for a pre-op snip check. All functions normal and working (the car).
          No beeps on moving off, so stopped and central locking working. Complete mystery except for 18c here today following similar yesterday.
          Only thought now is moisture caused an earth somewhere.
          Happy days. Snip on hold - temporarily.


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            Snipping is better avoided - definitely a 'thought' worth holding on to. The car must have heard your threat.


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