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Where can I get an "Accelerator Pedal Sensor"?

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  • Where can I get an "Accelerator Pedal Sensor"?

    Any idea where I can get the sensor part for the Accelerator? Mines come up on the report code finder as faulty, which caused the car to cut into safe mode. Might also be the reason why the car wouldn't start. The guy tinkering with my car has ordered from two different locations and they've sent the wrong parts to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    Big performance should have one.


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      I'm not sure Big Performance are around anymore, Google shows their premises as permanently closed


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        Why go to Mr BIG and get ripped off?

        Better in my humble opinion to buy from a Mercedes dealer.or source second hand from a dismantler.

        As far as I know there are only two types of accelerator pedals for a 450. Left hand drive version and right hand drive version. 450 models with auto function had an extra spring fitted inside pedel mechanism to simulate the feel of kick down but no additional electronics.


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