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    Hi All,

    I have a smart 450 grand style that has done 148,000 miles, I have a problem at the moment that is, with the key at position one, I can select 1st , neutral and reverse gears, when I start the engine, I cannot select any gears at all and after a couple of minutes trying to select a gear, the three bars apply on the dash broad, has anyone any ideas what can be happening here.

    Many thanks Spike6511

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    Try this.
    Start engine, push gear lever left then forwards twice. DO NOT TOUCH BRAKE PEDAL. If it engages first gear then you have a faulty brake switch.
    However, I suspect you probably have a more serious fault and I'd check the clutch actuator - check that is still there where it's supposed to be and not hanging in the breeze by its cable.


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      Wow, Thrumbleux, your amazing, it worked. It is still up on jacks at the moment, but I tried what you said, and it engages gear and the wheel started turning, but a little bit of judder, do you think that this will disappear when it is on the ground.

      The actuator is still there, I painted the subframe yesterday and its definitely there.

      Tried it again, it now won't start.........
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        Something more serious than brake switch by the sounds. Maybe clutch but the no-start is ominous. I had that after a 3bars problem and replaced the gear selector motor and gear position sensor and still it had to be trailered to a smart dealer to get it to start and it wasn't straightforward for them either.
        You could try disconnecting the battery and see if the ECU re-sets.


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