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Cheated by Mechanic? -2008 CDi - Safe mode (Max 3000 rpm) and Engine light

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  • Cheated by Mechanic? -2008 CDi - Safe mode (Max 3000 rpm) and Engine light

    Dear Gentlement/Womens,

    I am pleased to join the smartcar-owners! although it had been a troublesome 'birth' until now.

    I Purchased a second-hand 2008 CDi recently. Unfortunatly the following issue has occured and the issue with my ' Smart ' Mechanic:

    When the car is ' pushed ' to drive around 75 mph / 120 kmh or in general at 'fast' accelation - the car goes into safe mode and cannot get over 3000rpm. I can drive max 60 mph / 100 kmh.

    I took the car to the Mechanic and he put the tester on it and fixed it as it was the wastegate arm the needed to be loosen up in which he did.

    10 day after the car is starting to do the exact same thing again, under same conditions. Everything resets when turning key but after some driving it comes back.

    Furthermore yesterday, when turning the engine i had the engine light came on, but the car seems to run fine, is it related to the safe mode? (The engine light came on after i went into a store - came back and turned the car on, the car was in gear so initially didnt start until i put it in Neutral - Seems like the electronics played a bit)


    1) The Mechanic claimed he ' solved ' problem and it must be another problem (Beside loosing wastegate-arm) as the car was running when i left (Obviously it was running as it doesnt go into safe mode until 75 rpm or hard accelation) Is it really true i have to pay 50 pounds for putting a tester on again? (Yes he charged me that just to put the OBD tester on car) - What is my rights here?

    2) Does anyone has any similar experiences to what issue it could be or advice?

    Thank you for my two cents!

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    My 450 Cdi had a similar problem. Went into safe mode when driving flat out up hills. It turned out wastegate release pressure was set slightly too high.
    Stiff wastegate mechanism or leaking or loose hose to wastegate actuator pot can cause same issue.


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      Do not drive too spirited when check engine light is lit.

      Read out fault codes. There will be one or more if check engine light is on.

      It is quite possible that your mechanic has turned adjuster nuts on waste gate the wrong way or there is an air leak in hose or its connecrions to waste gate actuator pot or turbo compressor housing.


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