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smart won't start, hope it's the battery

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  • smart won't start, hope it's the battery

    So today my little one decided to give up and won't start. This happened unexpectedly as I was driving it yesterday and there were no issues. The lights go on so it seems the battery is not dead. But when you turn the ignition, there is one click and the display goes dark. It doesn't sound like a dead battery as I don't hear the starter trying to work. I have connected my ODBII and it displayed following errors:
    P210D Body
    P0562 - Powertrain (system voltage low)
    P0318 Powertrain
    P0562 Powertrain (system voltage low)
    P1752 Powertrain

    can this be just a case of a battery replacement?

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    The 'voltage low' does suggest a flat battery. What voltage are you getting across the battery? If it starts with a jump start then it suggests your battery is on its last legs or it's not being charged properly.
    I'm mid starter motor change on my Roadster ..... it started one day but refused to the following day ;-)


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      Another thing to consider is the earths. On my 2004 ForFour, I found that the original battery earth lead had a break in it somewhere so that as you were driving along, if it hit a bumpy road, the whole car would cut out and die. Occasionally as well, when I parked up with the car having ran normally for a while, when I got back in it and tried to start it, the display would go dark and then completely blank. Only by wiggling the lead did it spring back to life.

      Replacing both the battery and engine earth leads (which admittedly, the former of which is less likely to be down to corrosion because the battery is in the footwell as opposed to the engine bay) solved my issue, perhaps it is something similar with yours and the engine earth lead?


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        Thanks everyone. will try to find a new battery and see if this helps. FIngers crossed. If not will report back


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          You could always use a jump lead as a temporary earth lead to test


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