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Transparent poly roof woes

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  • Transparent poly roof woes

    My wifes 2009 451 has a transparent glass (polycarbonate) roof.

    It suffers the common problem of the poly crazing due to UV exposure, but now it has developed a different problem.

    The surface has developed what appears to be a coating failing (similar to what a lacquer varnish would do when it ages).

    Has anyone ever had a similar problem, and more importantly, does anyone know if a good sanding and recoating would cure the problem - if so what 'lacquer' should be used.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Have you ever used a spray on & buff anti u.v. treatment (such as for the rear quarter windows)?

    See here:

    Use the search engine to check out the 450 protection strip which might give you an idea on a top sheet fitment for the 451 woes as to build up a layer of protection.

    (my daughters 450 brabus has the rear quarter windows wrapped solving that problem)


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