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Is new Cabrio too noisy?

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  • Is new Cabrio too noisy?

    Test drove the new 453 Cabrio with autobox, at the weekend.
    (autobox is all they are selling at the moment, with manual box to arrive later in a few months).

    It really looked good, the autobox was brilliant, but the car was far more noisy then expected with roof closed, not only more road noise getting through compared to the solid and glass roofed versions, but also got wind noise above 50 MPH. Do not think I could live with that.

    Having never driven a Cabrio before, ie, a 450 or a 451, I was not expecting so much noise, so are these previous ones just the same, ie, very noisy?

    Anyway, for same money, I can buy either a 90BHP Cabrio with manual box when it becomes available, or a 90BHP coupe right now with auto box, So have decisions to make in the near future.

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    DCT all the way regardless


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      Yeh, the DCT autobax is the way to go, and gets around the manuals problem of no where to put you size 10 left shoe, except under the clutch pedal, which I detest. Yet, the LHD models have plenty room to the left of clutch pedal and even has a foot rest.

      So back on subject, what about the noise on the Cabrio?


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