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Answering a call via the steering wheel

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  • Answering a call via the steering wheel

    hi everyone. I have my iPhone 7plus connected via bluetooth, i can activate siri via the steering wheel button and make calls successfully, but as of yet i cannot accept an incoming call using the same button, it says to use that one in the manual. Am i missing something? i just can't accept or end a call using that button. i don't have the smart connect app as they took it off the IOS store just before i got the car

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    All I can say is there is nothing entertaining about the system, I absolutely hate it. I miss my old cars steering wheel buttons, was able to do all the basics (vol up/down, answer/hang up, back/next track and activate Siri. I have found that I have to answer/hang up a call by touching the screen. You have issues answering a call, I can't seem to turn off the bloody TomTom when I'm finished with it driving and have to put up the wench all the way! Just to name a few with the system. If only they would offer a more expensive system that supports CarPlay I would off gone for it... anyone got a solution?!


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