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    Coming from a new 1.5 Ford Focus Titanium Estate diesel to a new Smart Fortwo 0.9 turbo sport premium plus, I really miss some of the features I was used to. Heres a few if only's:

    1. Heated windscreen (who needs heated seats?? Used it once, after a few minutes had to turn it off as it got too hot, such a waste in my eyes and if you have never had a heated windscreen, it would be far more useful to you in the freezing cold than a heated seat!!)
    2. Keyless stop/start (really miss this one, I still put my keys back in my pocket or chucking the keys on the pass seat after opening it) hate the fumble
    3. Auto dim rear view mirror (not a major but it was a nice feature to have)
    4. Proper steering wheel controls (where the answer/hangup, back/next track buttons?)
    5. Distance left in tank (really miss this one too, don't understand why this isn't included)
    6. Quieter cabin (too loud for me. Looking at soundproofing the rear wheel arches to see if it helps. not something I though I'd ever have to do to a car but since I've got it for a few years, best try and lower it to save my ears, plus likely to improve the driving experience more)
    7. CarPlay. Ok I never had this on my last but I wish I did. If I could only swap it out! (open to solutions!)

    You maybe thinking why have this car?? Well parking is premium where I live, having the fortwo I don't have to battle for parking anymore, which outweighs the all the negatives. It's a fun car to drive and it gets me to work, generally I'm happy with it but there are always if and buts... and these ones are mine so far. Whats yours?

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