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    Good evening
    I just bought a Smart Fortwo 2006 , 0.7 petrol, 3 weeks ago. After a few days I noticed a knock noise coming from front wheels and going through the steering wheel, while I am driving over small dip or small bumps. One garage told me is because of shock absorbers which need to be changed. Another garage suggested to replace the ball joint from the left wishbone. The third garage did not knew what is the problem and recommended me to go to Mercedes Benz dealer.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you


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      Welcome to Roadster ownership.
      Both the first two garages could be correct


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        I've had this several times on our Smarts & each time it's been one of the drop links that join the antiroll bar to the bottom A-arm.

        A tip is don't buy cheap ones from Euro car parts, GSF or Ebay as they tend to only last for about a year! I learnt this the hard way!


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          When I owned my Roadster back on 2004 it was under warranty, and I got a low knocking sound at low speed when on bumpy roads, and I took it back to Smart, who informed me that a lot of steering racks had an inherent fault of an interference fit that could create noise at slow speed. The result was that they replaced my rack with a new one, and the noise was gone.

          it seems a lot of owner had this problem and as long as they were under warranty they got as new rack. Now in 2017 where no roadster has a warranty, I do not know if you can still get a new rack, even to buy one.

          I got shot of my roadster when warranty ran out, not because of the rack, but due to extensive rain water leaking everywhere, and could no longer stand the damp smell.


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