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Disappointed with Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs

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  • Disappointed with Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs

    I have installed the Eibach Pro-Kit (E10-56-001-05-22) lowering springs on my Roadster Coupé, and is disappointed with the result. It should by the spec lower the car by 25 mm, but I cannot see any difference compared with original springs. It hasn't helped after driven the car for some time either.

    When I compared the original springs with the lowering springs, separated from the car, they had the same hight. However, I'm sure my car had original springs and hasn't been lowered before.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Have never tried lowering on any car but I fitted standard Roadster springs on rear axle of my 450 Cabrio and is very pleased with both handling and the ride improvements.


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      Originally posted by Goran View Post
      . However, I'm sure my car had original springs and hasn't been lowered before.
      You need to compare them to springs known to be standard - if you can find any...
      Back when this forum and Smartz was populated by keen Roadsterists, fitting lowering springs was beyond commonplace. I suspect your car was one that was so treated. A totally stsndard Roadster would be a rare beast.


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        Originally posted by Thrumbleux View Post

        ........ A totally stsndard Roadster would be a rare beast.
        mine must be that rare beast then ...... 😊


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          Mine is totally standard except the lowering springs I just installed. Just two owners before me, and only 30 000 miles (48 000 km).


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            Standard rear Roadster spring sizes.
            Length : 239, Thickness : 10.25, Outer Dia 103
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              I measure my standard rear springs to L 235 T 10,5 and OD 103.
              Unfortunately i cannot measure the rear Eibach spring since its on the car.

              The front Eibach springs I measure to L 205 D 9 OD 116, and the standard the same L and T but the OD is about 103.

              So maybe it is the OD that is the "lowering factor" and not the hight. I'll try to measure the rear springs later today.
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                The number of coils affects the spring's stiffness which affects the ride height.....

                There used to be loads of before and after photos posted clearly showing the difference in ride height between standard and lowered. Maybe all deleted off the 'net by now though.
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                  Those dimensions you have measured indicate you have standard springs. Regrettably, Eibach does not list any spring dimensions so impossible to compare.
                  If I were you I would go for Roadster Brabus spec springs. Cheaper and replacements are readily available.

                  Here are sizes for Suplex springs.
                  Front SUPLEX 19264 L0=204 mm; Wiresize=9.25 mm; Outer Diam.=103 mm
                  Rear SUPLEX 19265 L0=239 mm; Wiresize=10.25 mm; Outer Diam.=98 mm

                  Front SUPLEX 19276 L0=180 mm; Wiresize=9.25 mm; Outer Diam.=103 mm
                  Rear SUPLEX 19277 L0=205 mm; Wiresize=10.50 mm; Outer Diam.=102 mm



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                    The smart roadster is one of the lowest cars on the road. What possible benefit did you intend to gain by lowering it further?


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                      I can only assume he prefers a harder ride.


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                        Thanks for your answers and the info about Brabus springs.

                        Originally posted by tolsen View Post
                        Those dimensions you have measured indicate you have standard springs.
                        Yes it seems like that, despite that the Eibach spec says 25 mm lower.

                        Okay, then I need to buy new ones again. What do you think is the best springs of Suplex and KYB, Diederichs, Optimal, Metzger and Spidan (which is the ones I can get from the spare part dealer I use to buy from)? It seems like Eibach doesn't have the Brabus ones.

                        I'm lowering the car just for the looks. I think it stands a little bit too high.


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                          Most non oem springs have rather poor powder coatings.


                          Eurocarparts/ Carparts4less Anschler.

                          Anschler spring just fitted.

                          Same Anschler spring less than a year later.


                          Above KYB spring has only seen 15 months of service. KYB springs are generally very poor. Crack early and their powder coating is just as bad as Eurocarparts Anschler.

                          Suplex is reported to be much better but I do not have enough in-service evidence as proof.
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                            Another problem with poor Eurocarparts springs such as Anschler is they do not sit straight when loaded and touch either the wheel arch liner or dust bellows.


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                              Oh, that doesn't look nice at all. Okay, then KYB and Anschler isn't an option; I want high quality products.

                              Does anyone know who manufactures the Brabus springs delivered from Smart?
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