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Hardtop coating flaking/peeling.

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  • Hardtop coating flaking/peeling.

    Hi all.

    I'm a first time poster and I bought an '06 roadster for my first car.

    I've noticed that the textured coating in the roof is flaking/peeling away and when it rains it lets water in.

    The water doesn't come in to the car but it goes under the cover in several places in patches about 3-4" squared.

    I saw a similar thread but there wasn't any update from the OP on any solution, just some people saying a vinyl wrap would fix it and others saying it wouldn't.

    Is this something anyone else has experienced and, if so, is there anything I can buy to repair it or is this going to take a trip to the garage and a hefty bill?

    Thank you.

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    buy some nail polish in the matching colour, that can touch it up. otherwise roof and gutter silicone, or rubber tyre glue for toy cars such as muchmore brand.


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      There is lots of information on how to fix your leaks over at and if you go to that forum and do a search you'll find a lot of posts about refurbing the hard top also.


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