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  • Key problems

    Hello, I have a Smart Roadster 2005 and I have had some trouble with it. No the key will not work, not work by remote, not locking or unlocking, I can not lock it by using the key the old fashion way.
    Is it the key that has gone out of sync, or can it be something to do with the receiver, or the mechanics.

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    Hi morsta! Your key lost sync. Changing battery and need something with MB Star. Good luck.


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      2 questions:

      1. Does the spare key work?
      2. What happens when you press the buttons - do you get ANY response from the car (i.e. flashing from the indicators) or is it completely non-responsive?
      3. Does the cluster light up when you turn the key in the ignition barrel?


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        Hello everyone,

        This is my first post here. An acquaintance of mine has a 2000 Smart Fortwo 450. The problem is with the spare key: pressing any button on it causes the Smart car to go in an infinite cycle of lock-unlock.

        One the car enters this loop, even if the key battery is removed, the car will do this loop until the door locks get toasted (he changed all three locks once and then once again but only the drivers and passengers locks, trunk is not important anymore), until the engine is started, until the car battery is disconnected or until a button of the other (sane) remote is pressed. What the hell?!?!

        Both keys emit correctly, ASK, both with same db, both about same signal length, I guess both rolling codes... The main key opens and closes the car as designed, no other side effects. The spare key puts the car in this infinite bloody lock-unlock loop and busts the electronic door lock actuators.

        I have even analyzed the signals the keys emit (1s and 0s and they are very similar). Probably the spare has a faster pitch (1~2% at most) but this should not be a problem. Both emit on the same frequency (433.082mhz). I can upload pictures with key signal captures, keys etc, just ask.

        So the car seems ok to me (it does opens and close with the main key), the doors and sensors seem ok (if a door is opened, it won't lock, if all doors are closed - it will lock).

        What for God's sake is wrong with either the car or the spare key?!?! Why does the car enter this infinite loop? How to fix it? I'd rather tell him to take the car to a junk yard than take it to the stealership or sell it!

        Anyone has any hint?

        Thank you kindly!
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