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clutch, gear box or something else?

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  • clutch, gear box or something else?

    the issue at the moment with my roady brabus.
    was driving home and lost all forward gears the best way to explain it is that the car shows i have the gears but when i try pulling away the gears are grinding under revs. like if you dont push the clutch all the way down in a manual. revers worked but seems clattery

    history and background that may be helpfull:
    i have had the issue with 3 lines on the dash (fixed by sparying lube in the actuator)

    3rd gear was having some issues well sounds (best description is it was sounding like a mini supercharger like in the hell cat from topgear video.)

    on the trip it finally stopped on the drive home in 6th there was a high pitched whining and seemed to slip and grind about 5 mines before home)

    i was trying to nurse it home. but it stopped about 1.5 miles from home, as it was in a bad locations i tested revers and it was ok to use that, i was going to just get it off the main road but kept going and made it home and on the drive in reverse.

    i had a new clutch from merc beconsfield in 2014 at 120k miles and its now at 151k ish.

    i had read a thing about manually re-possitioning the actuator i have removed it and pushed it over to the right. there is a little misslieading on a few youtube things they say to push it over to the right and let it push back to the left then tighten it up in that possition. i have done this with the actuator is all the way in but i am using the full availible and it does not move back at all (i saw one were it says on the fortwo get it to move all the way out (i think its out\extended means that the clutch is depressed and in\away is clutch released))

    i this was making me thing that the clutch may be worn or the release bearing perhaps is broken. woundered what others think (i am not a mechanic nor have a list of tools Merc i have said to before some issues and they say they cant see issues and all merc's say i need to get the car to them before they can look at it so i wanted to try a few things first before using that as a last resort).
    also Mr Clutch have already said in the past they wont do the clutch as they dont have the star system to to get it aligned after.

    things i have read on line are pointing to:-
    1) clutch release bearing. (from the sound in 3rd before the supercharge sound there was a clattering in 3rd only) why would revers work
    2) clutch warn (this means not fully open) was changed at 120k i know that i leave it in drive at lights and in traffic but cant see i would have gone through one in this short time.
    3) gear selector motor (not fully selecting the gear.) have no idea how this works but it seems odd that it works in revers and i get no error on the dash it cant find gears.
    4) gearbox i hear the gear boxes are kinda un-breakable though i reacon i have or am stripping the something then i am testing as i cant stop the grinding until the rpm drops
    5) sam\ecu (older issues but sounds like i have this on the sam at least. (i have had some electrical issues mainly with lights on and saw a guy on youtube with issues caused by dry solder joint) there was also some one saying that an oil leak over the ecu caused them gearbox issues. seems a long shot but i do have some oil leaking high on the side of the belts some were and seems a little some were in the middle looking from underneath.

    i dont know how i can check or rule out some of these or if i could call some one out to take a look on my drive with out getting ripped off.

    thanks in advance..

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    Have you looked under the car yet? If not, look and see if your clutch actuator hasn't fallen off. Mine did - no drive and lots of clanging grating noises.


    • DaFuggy
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      not that i did reseat it and checked its moving

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    Sounds to me to be a knackered gearbox.
    3rd gear & 6th gear are the same gear, that's why you had to whining noise in both. I suspect a bearing has gone in the gearbox.
    I saw a gearbox at Smart-arse Watford many years ago that had knackered a bearing & a shaft had poked out of the casing. Apparently not that uncommon according to Rob (S2Smarts now).

    The Smart gearbox is actually a 3 speed box with 2 final drive ratios, that's why 3rd to 4th takes slightly longer to change. For 4th gear the gearbox changes back to 1st & changes final drive ratio at the same time.


    • DaFuggy
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      bugger it was hopping for a cheaper problem

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    DaFuggy - I couldn't quite get if the rest of the post was all prior work - and read it in a bit of a rush (apologies).
    Re-reading the bit about 3rd and 6th being so noisy, Mr T is probably right. If it is as bad as it sounds, there will be probably be metal in the oil. Drop the oil and have a look and a poke about with a magnet.


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