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  • Using the Photo Forum

    Hi Folks
    As requested here is your new "Photo Area" -

    1) Please keep pictures to reasonable sizes
    or post a link to larger pictures with the size of the picture at the end.
    That way you don't ruin the experience for "dial up" 56k modem members.

    2) Host your image on a server somewhere
    (there are lots of free photo albums on the web)
    then you post the link to your image here.

    3) How to post an image...
    Use the full reply screen (rather than the quick links).
    Then you can just click on the photo image
    (looks like mountains with a sun in a little square)
    and cut and paste the url of your picture straight into the box.

    4) How to find the url of your picture,
    Right click the image and click "properties"
    the url will be listed there.

    Hope that helps :smile:
    Vlad x
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    Re: Using the Photo Forum

    If your picture is NOT Smart related, please put (OT) at the front of the thread title.

    This will enable those forumites that do not want to look at non Smart threads to ignore them.



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