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weird misfire/erratic idle

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  • weird misfire/erratic idle

    I have a 900cc smart turbo, its got a weird erratic idle and occassional misfire, not sure if its worth taking it in or not, only does it very occassionally but has done it more since it had a major service last month

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    I'd take it back to who serviced it.
    Probably something minor like a loose spark plug lead or duff plug.


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      I have the turbo too, I have strange idle too, usually first thing in the morning. Sometimes it almost stalls itself, but after a few ups and downs it will auto go to a slightly higher rev and stay that way so it's probably normal behaviour, just not what im used to. No misfires touch wood. I do however have a whooshing kind of sound when it changes from 1-2-3 (auto), only happens when I put a little more throttle than normal. Cant think what it is, it comes from the rear left side. Do you experience that on yours?


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